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:: Saturday, May 26, 2001 ::

Probably because they assume that all smart, trendy people are from Europe.

Or they've noticed that most people react to an English accent in a favourable manner, thinking it's Cultured.

:: Reesa 5/26/2001 10:49:54 PM [+] ::

To be famous, you must never refer to anything by it's real name. No matter what you're doing, it must be called your "project".

Pop stars seem, by and large, to be huge imbeciles. This is sad, when you think about how much our culture relies on them.
:: Reesa 5/26/2001 02:35:52 PM [+] ::

Showered, dressed, eaten, and hey, it's only 2 in the afternoon! Yay me! Way to go team!

Sleeping on the bed here is akin to snuggling down to sleep on a rock with a blanket.

My body/mind/fucked up mentality has decided that me losing weight was a fluke. I have gained it all back Every ounce. And I want to say that doesn't bother me, that it doesn't matter at all, as long as I -feel- healthier. Perhaps, if I felt healthier, that would be true. As it stands though, the fibro makes me ache whenever I move, and I'm ravenously hungry constantly. I don't get it. I certainly don't have any of the energy the food should provide- I'm dragging ass all over the place lately.

We shall see. I've never been good at disrupting my routine.

:: Reesa 5/26/2001 02:30:58 PM [+] ::

I'm going to bed, after I write a little more.

:: Reesa 5/26/2001 02:55:53 AM [+] ::

Also? I heart this Weezer shirt.

Weezer kicks much ass, and the new album rocks.
:: Reesa 5/26/2001 02:47:42 AM [+] ::

Have I ever mentioned how much I -hate- sewing things with a lining? That's why I love garb- you don't need a lining when you've got 15 layers of cloth between you and the outside world. Lining is like sewing the same garment three different times, and it stretches and pushes things out of kilter and it's driving me NUTS.

My jumper will not be lined, in case you were wondering.
:: Reesa 5/26/2001 02:46:40 AM [+] ::

Alright. Gods damn it, I just poked my tit with a straightpin! Owieeeee!
:: Reesa 5/26/2001 01:03:38 AM [+] ::
Linked s'more blogs. For some reason I feel like I can fit more over there in this design.

It's all an illusion, I know, but...

Tomorrow I'm going to make the jumper I bought the material for -last- year...*snickers* It's pretty material. Silver dragonflies printed on a turquoise and grey background. I'm even gonna make pockets. Heh. I never make pockets in anything, even the harem pants I made a couple years ago.

I'm almost done with the basic dress for Lori's sister's baby. After I finish the dress itself, then there's just the accents to add- lots of pretty pink silk roses, and little heart shaped buttons, and the cutest little angels for the neckline.

I'm a sewing goddess I tell you. Or something. But I've made my first dollar with Cobweb (my first $30, actually, altering dresses for a friend) and y'know, it feels pretty damn good.
:: Reesa 5/26/2001 12:48:47 AM [+] ::

:: Friday, May 25, 2001 ::
So, Tom, since the mail I'm sending you bounces no matter what address I send it to, d'you think you'll want company on a drive here when you move? Realizing, of course, that you'd have to have a car for that...

I figure since I'm getting laid off in the beginning of July, I can take a couple weeks between jobs and head out your way to help. I definately owe you a move!

Of course, that'll put me in CA, so (hinthint) if anyone else would want to meet up around that area, I could probably be talked into that, too.

This has been a public 'Reesa announcement.
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 11:21:07 PM [+] ::

Not that this would be comforting to many people,but no, I don't think you're nuts. Sounds like a really amazing experience.

I've already gone on at length about my belief in things that many would consider silly. I can only say that I respect -anyone- who has faith, be it in themself, in the divine or even just in the fact that their car will start in the morning. The world needs more mystics.
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 07:06:10 PM [+] ::

Hey, Reesa, you're a Secret Agent!

You're basically a smart, shrewd, loner. For you, a lifetime in solitary confinement sounds pretty darn fun as long as they serve ice cream. That way you could ponder life's mysteries without anyone bugging you. But to those lucky enough to know you well, you're a deeply caring person full of energy and ideas. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that you collected stamps as a child.

On a personal level, you're sensitive. You worry too much about how you compare to others, and your mood suffers under such intense personal scrutiny. The flip side is that you feel extra happy when things go well. You'd rather stick with the familiar than deal with strange new emotions or environments. But other times you feel confident and spontaneous and have to suppress your desire to belt out "Copacabana." Let's just say you're kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Professionally, you like to work in a cubicle and eat lunch at your desk. You like structure and order, so you won't be disturbed. You like to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distractions, or else you can get frazzled. But most importantly, your critical eye means that your final product is always top rate (even if you don't see it that way yourself).

So you're smiling, right?
We know nothing's more fun than reading about yourself. Are you sure you don't want to get that feeling delivered to your inbox with the Source? It's as free as the smile on your face! Here's a sample. Click to sign up!


And the scary thing is, that's pretty much me. Damn you, Emode!
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 03:21:13 PM [+] ::

Oh...I HATE these damn cats! Augh! I just want to smack them sometimes. They're into -everything-, constantly screaming for attention, constantly JUMPING on me, even if I've just spent an hour brushing and petting and playing with them. And if they don't leave my computer alone, I may have to...gah! I don't even know.

Y'know, I like animals, I really do, but no cat of mine was -ever- this badly behaved. And no, my bird isn't either! *grins*
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 01:33:06 PM [+] ::

1. You're an Assistant Director in the FBI and under the control of a mysterious assassin who holds your very life in his hands. Encountering him in a deserted carpark, you
a. Shoot him in the arm to incapacitate him and then threaten him
with your gun and demand he gives you the device that can kill you,
and then turn him over to the police.
b. Shoot him in the head and frisk the corpse. He's bound to
have the Palm Pilot of Death on his person somewhere and you can
probably ditch the body and get away with the murder.
c. Shoot him three times and walk away, leaving the corpse and
any evidence strewn where they fell.

2. You're a triple agent assassinating rat bastard with a noted history of managing to survive even the most outlandish and dangerous situations. You find yourself in a situation where you must kill a man that you'd rather let live. You
a. Put your gun against the window of the car he is sitting in
and shoot him in head.
b. Allow him to get out of the car, tell him you're sorry, and
shoot him in the head.
c. Break his car window dramatically, let him get out of the car,
spend five minutes explaining why he has to die without actually
managing to impart any useful information, and then get shot in the
head yourself.

3. You're a Special Agent in the FBI on a lifelong quest to find out the truth. An assassin who may have the information you've been searching for is holding you at gunpoint. You
a. Keep him talking, asking all the questions you've longed to
ask in the past, and hoping that someone will come along to rescue
b. Kiss him. He's practically begging for it anyway.
c. Demand that he shoot you immediately because you're not
interested in his explanations.

4. You're a doctor and FBI agent known for your scientific mind and general intelligence. You've just given birth to a child with fifty aliens in attendance. You have no idea what the aliens want with your child, or even how you conceived in the first place as you have no ova, and, as far as you know, no sperm either. You
a. Take your child and, using the resources of the FBI, change
your identity and disappear.
b. Give your child to a man you trust (and who isn't contracted
to return next season anyway) and, using the resources of the FBI and
his geeky friends, insist that he change his identity and disappear.
You can always join them in a year (when your contract runs out.)
c. Return home with your child and pretend the previous eight
years never happened.

5. You are an experienced federal agent and trained former police investigator. Your FBI partner is having a baby, and you don't really know what the story is, alien mumbo-jumbo aside, but dollars to donuts, it's gotta be something weird, 'specially as the whole freaking universe seems to want to be involved and all. You are the only one with the co-ordinates of her location, besides the very nice, very trusted, very strange woman you entrusted her to. You
a. Go stand guard at the door and back her up.
b. Go stand guard somewhere else and try to lead the various
interests somewhere far away from her.
c. Stay home and wander aimlessly around your building, trying to
contact her disavowed ex-partner now and then.

6. You are an experienced federal agent with a history in the paranormal and the occult. Your good friend and colleague has entrusted you with the safety of a pregnant woman whose baby appears to be of national interest for all the wrong reasons. You
a. Go to a secluded cabin, but stop at a medical supply house and
pick up a few things on the way.
b. Pose as a social worker, disguise her as a bag lady and take
her to a county hospital in another city, thereby accessing medical
help while hiding in plain sight.
c. Go to a secluded cabin, make whale noises, and wait to be


If you chose mostly a's: I'm sorry, but your answers suggest that you'd act according to character, ruining the dramatic season finale. There is no room for people like you in The X-Files universe.

If you chose mostly b's: You're far too sensible to ever appear as a character on The X-Files. Bummer, dude.

If you chose mostly c's: Congratulations! Your complete lack of internal character consistency, coupled with your obvious disdain for continuity renders you an ideal candidate for a character on The X-Files. Please leave your number with 1013 as soon as humanly possible.


Lovingly borrowed from Viridian5
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 01:25:22 PM [+] ::

Oh gods, this show is so damn STUPID...

Which brings on the innevitable question, why the hell am I watching it.
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 01:19:40 PM [+] ::

Apparently, I'm a Bjork too.

Shouldn't that be "I'm a pepper too!"?

Anyhow, I just don't see myself in dead waterfowl, even if I did think the dress took guts to wear and looked pretty cool.
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 01:07:26 PM [+] ::

Right. Only supposed to be up in another 5 hours.

Going to go shower now, and hopefully sleep.
:: Reesa 5/25/2001 01:35:23 AM [+] ::

:: Thursday, May 24, 2001 ::
I drove a friend to the airport this morning, and we had an interesting conversation or three on the way there. I sometimes forget to be a little lenient with my friends, and I'm not proud of that.

I want it understood that this is my journal, my chance to say things that I can't, otherwise. It is not a collection of personal vendetta's, and it isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not talking to you unless I specifically say so- I'm talking to me. I post here because I need a safe place to say what I have to say. Please don't take these things personally, in any other way than that which they were intended- my thoughts and feelings on any given situation. Please don't quote me my own words from these pages, if we argue. It's not fair, and I wouldn't do it to you. Please -do- feel free to ask for clarification, to let what you read here encourage you to communicate with me. When I don't know what to say to people, I sometimes stop talking at all.

I sometimes forget why she and I are friends. It's not that she's a bad person- far from it. It's that we see things from opposite ends of the spectrum, when from the outside it would appear that we have a lot in common. When I have a problem, I tend to joke about it. Finding the humour in things is my defense, and a lot of times it helps me diffuse the situation enough to see it clearly. She takes things very seriously. Because of the way I deal with stress or trauma, her way of doing things, of taking things to heart and nurturing a grudge and making it the most important thing happening whenever she's in the room, rubs me the wrong way. I enjoy being around her otherwise- I like talking geek with her, waxing poetic over books and music and tv, but I'm always afraid that she takes my teasing to heart. When I say I don't like the West Wing (I still have that much going for me...*snicker*) I feel that she hears "I don't like the West Wing, and you're a complete boob for liking it." Her reactions to things seem overblown to me- needlessly stressful and angsty, when I would pass it off with a few jokes.

I'm not saying my way of dealing with things is any better. Hell, I've got the complete lack of self-esteem to prove that it isn't. But this is the friction between us, and that's the way I see it being caused, from my side of things. I don't expect her to change her way of doing things, but by the same token, I won't be changing mine either. That's the difference between me now and me before. I'm much more selfish now. *grins* I just can't be a part of the melodrama all the time, not when I look at the problem and, not being HER and seeing everything she does, it seems fairly simple to fix, to me.

The nice thing was, in this conversation we had this morning, I felt like I was able to maybe get some of that across to her. Because I DO care about her, and I DO want to be a good friend. It's not that I think of her as the spoiled little rich girl- problems are problems, no matter how much money you have. And yes, I have been guilty of falling into that attitude in the past, because it was easier than really exploring just WHAT about us makes us snipe so much. It's just that I want to remind her that the world -isn't- watching her, waiting for her to fuck up. Movement and time and everyone's conversations don't stop when she walks into a room, only to resume and become whispered listings of her faults. And my way of saying that maybe isn't the way she needs to hear it, but I hope she knows that when I grin at her and say "It's not -always- about -you-," what I mean is "It's okay. Keep going- nobody is waiting to rip you up."
:: Reesa 5/24/2001 02:34:36 PM [+] ::

The little voices, man...it was the little voices!

An interesting page about the characters we write and feel most strongly.
:: Reesa 5/24/2001 11:11:39 AM [+] ::

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Phillippines around the year 700.
Your profession was that of a builder of houses, temples and cathedrals.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Ruthless character, carefully weighing his decisions in critical situations, with excellent self-control and strong will. Such people are generally liked, but not always loved.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your lesson is to combat violence and disharmony in our world, to understand its roots and origins. All global problems have similar origins.
Do you remember now?


Can't really say that I do, but I could almost see the coldly calculating part. Makes sense, since I can't seem to get beyond emotional, knee-jerk responses to everything in this life. Total backlash, anyone? And here I was hoping for Joan of Arc.
:: Reesa 5/24/2001 10:15:50 AM [+] ::

Disabled BlogVoices. They'll be back, but I can't load the page in less than two minutes with them on right now.

I feel very much like there is something I should be doing today. Like I've got a very finite amount of time left to do it in, and I should hustle like mad to finish.

Now, if only I knew what it was I'm supposed to be doing.
:: Reesa 5/24/2001 10:03:48 AM [+] ::

The problem with driving in DC is that you get so damn turned around. -Everything- points towards Richmond or Baltimore, even if it doesn't. 495 (The Beltway, for those in the know...*snort*) runs North/South. It intersects with 395/95, which runs...North/South! Neat trick, huh?

In short? I hate driving into Maryland. I hate driving -back- from Maryland. I hate knowing that no matter what road I take, in any direction, will take me to bloody Maryland!

:: Reesa 5/24/2001 08:26:35 AM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 ::
So. Angel. Spoilers ahead. And it's my blog, so I'm not leaving spoiler space. So there.

The Host's head. I looked at everyone in the room when I saw it in the basket and said, very clearly "He's going to start talking." He did. They will back me up on this, and not simply because I'm sleeping with half of them.

(As a side note, there were three other people in the room. Figure -that- one out. I had to!)

You don't kill off the guy that, as Stanley pointed out, got you written up in TV Guide. It doesn't happen. Plus, the Host brings that -blatantly- gay element to the show, versus the little dance of manners and hero-worship going on between Angel, Wesley and Gunn. Poor Cordy. Little does she know what a fag hag she's become.

Angel has become a much more palatable character this season. The brooding got old- Angel with a sense of humour, poor and rusty though it is, is a nice, nice change. Angel deferring to Wesley is cute, because Wesley so obviously worships the ground he walks on. Wesley and Gunn have a cool "buddy" chemistry going on, which is something Wesley needs.

Again, I can't stress enough how cool I thought it was that the vamp demon has a full face. I know, you're tired of me saying that, but dammit, I'm a geek! I get hung up on things like that. Angel in the sun was spiffy (as a side note, why do all the shows I like have to be set at NIGHT? My television sucks people, and dark sets make it hard to see anything!), and Angel realizing that he could stop what the demon was doing was even better. I'm hoping that he doesn't become the same "I'm only waiting around to kill everyone, so leave me alone" moper he was before, next season.

And Fred! Must have more Fred, please. A little nuts, a lot geeky...what's not to like, I ask you? So yes. Count this as my official request for some guest spots with Fred next year.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 03:29:54 PM [+] ::

Dude. Thugs On Film rocks.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:56:31 PM [+] ::
And Tom? Mari? Lori? Tell me that doesn't describe Stanley to a T.

*snickers and ducks*
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:23:13 PM [+] ::

Female stealth geeks find male stealth geeks absolutely adorable. They like their lack of annoying male ego, they find the shyness appealing, and they get really turned on by the glasses. Unfortunately, female stealth geeks also are a bit self conscious and aren't able to really make a play to catch the male stealth geek, who is usually completely oblivious to her interest. It can go on like that indefinitely, both being very fond of the other but neither doing anything about it (and I'm not going to touch that example with a ten-foot pole).

And -that- sums up my "type", doesn't it Nik?

(I was recently informed that a friend of mine can tell one of "my" guys. heh...little did I know.)
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:19:56 PM [+] ::

Male geeks (especially those of the non-stealth variety) think of the female stealth geek as the ultimate catch. "Hey, a babe who can intelligently discuss Star Trek! Cool!" Unfortunately, geeks are geeks and not stealth geeks primarily because they have no social skills. They interpret acknowledgement of their existence as passion and then become pests (see Frohicke). Stealth geek females frequently become geek magnets.

-This-! This is exactly what happens to me. Not that I'm a babe, but this is exactly the problem I have whenever I think I might have a faint interest in a guy.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:17:35 PM [+] ::

Lord, Lady, save me from these cats. Someone has taught them that it is cute to sit on the back of my monitor, thus raising it to skyward introspection and leaving me typing blind. Someone has taught them that it is okay to climb up someone's back, even if they are naked, walking from the bathroom to the bedroom to get dressed. Someone has taught them that yes, they -can- have whatever they want off your plate. This is not cool.

These cats are owned by people...well, not to put to fine a point on it, but people old enough to know better. They're horribly behaved, incredibly affectionate, and it's hard to scold them but not impossible.

One of them has been sneezing for a couple days now. I shudder to mention this, because I'm catsitting, and I just KNOW the damn thing will get blamed on me somehow.

On the other hand, this clears up which kind of person I am. There's only two kinds- the kind who take their clothing with them into the bathroom and get dressed there and the kind who brazenly flaunt their pinked and wrinkled toes as they dash across the house to pick something out.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 01:56:33 PM [+] ::

This occurs to me, as I tape Tales of the City down the street, watch an old Kids In the Hall episode, debate another round of Sports Night before I go to bed, do some research about Fin de Siecle France and page through a Sandman graphic novel.

I am a media whore.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:38:42 AM [+] ::

WitchQueen's slash rec blog, is something I stumbled upon while looking for an AU SportsNight (Just shut up. All of you. I hate you.) story my fellow Collective member told me about. I like her taste (Except for that whole dreadful Sentinel thing...) and I'm becoming addicted to rec pages.

In other news, if anyone knows of an AU SN fic set somewhen/where in the Ottoman Empire, you could e-mail me and make me a fairly happy woman.
:: Reesa 5/23/2001 02:20:53 AM [+] ::

:: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 ::
Spoilers. Big, fat, juicy frigging spoilers for Buffy and possibly Angel, depending upon how longwinded I feel tonight. Also a brief mention of the end of Dark Angel, two cocks, a cunt and a foreskin, but at they only appear in the intro, you're past them now. (Thank you, MP...)

Buffage!- Ding-dong the witch is dead...whee! Okay. Majour enjoyment of the massive pounding Buffy gave to Ben/Glory. (Sound like a hemmoroid cream.) I wouldn't have left him alive either, and this proves to me once again that Ripper is alive and well, and Giles is a man who knows what's what with the what. Buffy needs her ideals though, or she's not Buffy- it's just kinda sad to see everyone around her constantly forced to sacrifice their own morals to save hers. I digress.

I do wonder how much of the final scene was influenced by the WB/UPN move. Or more accurately, how much pressure the WB put on the writers to make it look like the show was going off the air, since they managed to work the words "Series finale" into every commercial break at least twice, and flashed that lovely "Buh-bye!" graphic at the end. I don't doubt the integrity of the writing staff, really, but y'know, it's still the network they're on. In short, yes, you got it in one- I don't believe for a minute that Buffy will stay dead. In fact, a large part of me wonders if she's really dead at all, but hey, y'know...we'll go with the facts given for now.

Anya...oh dear, silly Anya. I was promised you would be deadened. It's not that I dislike her. In fact, I think she's grown on me a great deal, simply because she's the last "innocent" on the show. Anyhow, I very seriously thought she'd be dead by the end of the episode, so I guess this means that she and Xander will come back next year engaged. Ugh. Just...no. I don't even mind the two of them together! I knwo, me, a het couple...like oil and water, ne? But...butbutbut. I'm having a hard time with the marriage deal. What about living together, kids? All your peers are doing it! I assume this will lead into the promised "big things" for Xander next season. I'm predicting an almost-marriage and the spectacular breakup as Anya re-demons herself.

Willow and Tara. oh yeah. Snugglies! *grins* I'm very, very afraid of the new KickYourAss!Willow. I would not like to mess with her. I would not like to mess with her girlfriend. I predict much snuggly-bunny-ness for them. And good, dammit. TV needs a cute, femme-y lesbian couple with realistic body shapes and questionable taste in clothing and cat names. Even if they -will- be on UPN. Oi. I know, I know, it's more money, but...isn't that like, an -8th- of a network now?

Again, I digress.

Now, did I not say that Dawn wasn't gonna buy it? Thank you. I was at least right about -one- thing. Joy to me. However, does this leave Giles to raise her?

For that matter. Dead Slayer = New Slayer. Haven't we done this bit before? Or does Faith, because she's already alive, count as the one and only? That shouldn't work at all, because SHE became the Slayer when Kendra died, but... (This digresses again, into my "Why can't we just stop her heart every so often, make a few new Slayers and fire the bitch back up?" rant.) So. Next fall on UPN, we should have some new scenery, as I expect the Summers house will be no more, a new Slayer, since Buffy is dead, and some majour Spike ouchies. I really wanted to cuddle the poor guy. I mean...he looked so fluffy, with his hair like that, and he was crying, and...well. Yes.

"She saved the world. A lot."

And she made a damn good hour of television while doing it.

Angel in a bit. I've got some Tales of the City to watch.

:: Reesa 5/22/2001 10:58:13 PM [+] ::

Oh, hell yeah!

Comedy Central is playing Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

I don't know why, but I've always liked this movie. Y'know, always, as in the first time I saw it about three months ago, and the second time last week.

:: Reesa 5/22/2001 04:08:59 PM [+] ::

Everyone always seems so shocked when I tell them I used to teach Sunday School. *grin* I guess I've kind of prefected that air of total debauchery over the years.

I've done a lot of things. I've been working almost constantly in one way or antoher since I was 9. No, not kiddie porn, and not child labour. Babysitting, mainly, which branched out eventually into full-time daycare. I used to clean rental houses with my Mom, and I did work through an AIDS project in Hawaii, cleaning for housebound patients. I never thought about it, I guess- it was just money, and I wanted it. Someone had to keep me in books!

So I guess the point being, I never looked at anything I've done as anything that interesting. I've had a score of weird jobs. I worked in a goat cheese dairy. I cleaned houses. I forayed into retail for far too long. I ran my own aviary, raised and sold guinea pigs, and well before I had a computer or even regular access to a good used bookstore, ran a used/hard to find book search service. I've done a lot of shit.

Now is the time to figure out which of these things I'd like to do again, or head in a completely new direction. I'm all for avoiding the goat cheese thing again, even though it was great money at the time. Something about having curds and whey in my hair all the time was a turnoff to making that a career.
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 03:07:32 PM [+] ::

I forgot to mention, on my list of jobs, that I was looking into joining up with a cleaning service too. Gods know, I can get -anything- clean, and they make excellent money around here.
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 02:52:39 PM [+] ::
Shayla, maybe this'll make you feel a little better.

Kristen rocks, in case I hadn't mentioned before, and I don't say this merely because Tom says we're the same person. That, and she makes killer t-shirts and mugs!
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 12:47:27 PM [+] ::

I was a five, as illustrated below.

Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Competency
Social Style: Withdrawn
Hierarchical Style: Control

Seeking control over their lives, Fives seek to increase their competency by withdrawing into their minds to gain knowledge. Fives tend to live in the mental world of ideas rather than in the outside world. They are good at creating systems, but their need to be in control makes it difficult for them to work within systems. They tend to work better outside the system than within it. At their best, Fives understand things more deeply than other people and advance science and human knowledge by sharing their insights. Stephen Hawking is an excellent example of a Five at his best. Although wheelchair-bound and almost completely paralyzed, Hawking lives in his mind, exploring the secrets of the universe.

:: Reesa 5/22/2001 12:42:13 PM [+] ::

Before I go?

I'd forgotten how -bad- a show Beauty and the Beast was. Holy -crap-, this is just...drivel. -I- write better than this, and that's not saying much!

Ew. Any more sap and I think I might vomit.
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 02:11:38 AM [+] ::

Once again, thanks to everyone.

Happy Blog-day to me!


Good night.
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 01:59:39 AM [+] ::


My younger sister's name is Tina. Or really, Christina. Heh.
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 12:50:19 AM [+] ::

Okay. Darkened the text colour, and changed the table widths to percentages rather than fixed pixels. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
:: Reesa 5/22/2001 12:10:59 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, May 21, 2001 ::
800x600 concerns duly noted. Now, d'you think I can FIX the problem by making the tables a percentage of the screen, rather than an actual pixel witdth?

Is the purple text really hard to read? Ack. Looked okay on my screen, but then again, that's just my screen. Maybe I'll switch to black. *pouts*

:: Reesa 5/21/2001 11:40:56 PM [+] ::

I'm having a minor dillemna here, and I'm putting it to a vote.

I want these things out of a job-

A minimum of contact with my superiors
No push to "move ahead" in the company
Work I can leave at -work-
Basic medical/dental coverage (Eye care would be great, but I can always buy supplemental insurance for that once a year.)
An income of at least $1500 a month

I bring these skills to the table-

Excellent computer skills
Excellent phone skills
Basic office skills, including admin (filing, typing, etc.)
Clean driving record
5 years of customer service experience
Management and supervisory experience (retail and private)

I'm a good worker. I learn quickly, I'm innovative, and I get the job done right the first time.

So....what kind of job do you think I should look for? I don't want to do tech support again. I would really rather remove a body part than do retail. I'm considering courier work, legal/medical transcription, or admin.

Cast your vote early and often! Er...

Yeah, that's it. Pretend you live in Florida!

:: Reesa 5/21/2001 11:12:06 PM [+] ::

Had Friendly's ice cream for dinner. Heh. Bad me.

I'm in need of a run to Fairfax, so I'll be gone for an hour or so. Whoo-hoo.

Mustering up energy. Yeah. That's me. A big musterer.
:: Reesa 5/21/2001 07:43:08 PM [+] ::

I stink.

I -swear- I'm done fiddling with my template now.

:: Reesa 5/21/2001 02:15:22 PM [+] ::

It's raining here, hard. The cat sitting on the back of my computer screen is staring at the leaves outside as they pop up and down, one at a time in a little shivery dance with the water. It's cold and dark, and I'm sitting here in my nightgown. I think I've grow so used to the weight and feel of my braid swinging over my spine that I'd feel naked without it. It's nearly as cloaking as my clothing, and sometimes, that's important.

I didn't sleep very well last night. Or rather, I didn't sleep very -early- last night. Didn't get in there until about 5, and then I woke up a couple times. I don't know if it's a return of the fear, or just that my body has settled into these strange patterns lately. Either way, it wasn't the best idea in the world, especially with today being rainy and dark. I slept too late, and I was sure it was still early in the morning.

I think I have my permalinks fixed. For some reason the BlogVoices screen is coming up strangely-sized, and it never displays anything, but I'll have to work on that after my shower.

I think I feel like writing today. Wish me luck.
:: Reesa 5/21/2001 01:41:38 PM [+] ::

Gaaaaah! I'll fix my stupid permalinks tomorrow. Damn things.

:: Reesa 5/21/2001 04:45:39 AM [+] ::
Elijah Wood. That was the name of the child actor we were watching the other night.

No. Going NOW.
:: Reesa 5/21/2001 04:07:03 AM [+] ::

I'm just tickled. Yes, I'm sure anyone else could have done this, but I figured it out mostly by myself, and...yeah.

Heh. I'm going to bed now.
:: Reesa 5/21/2001 03:24:11 AM [+] ::

Happy Blog Day to me....

First, let me extend my heartfelt and long-lasting thanks to the amazing Guppy for my first real design. It's served me well for almost a full year now, and I never got tired of the colours, even though I thought I might! Yay Guppy!

Second, a shout of joy goes up for Tom, who finally explained tables to me in a way that made my dyslexic mind click. Yay Tom!

Third. Yay me! *snicker* This is the longest running journal I've ever kept, and I'm actually going to admit to a certain amount of pride on -some- of the stuff I've posted.

Fourth, and last for now...yay you! Thank you, whomever you are, stranger or friend, for taking the time out of your life to read, or comment or snicker at my stupidity. You rock. Tell me what you think of my new design, by the way, cause...um...I'm slow about these things, and if I've fucked up my tables horribly, I'll probably never know unless someone points it out!

A whole freaking YEAR.

:: Reesa 5/21/2001 03:15:25 AM [+] ::

:: Sunday, May 20, 2001 ::
You heard it here first. (X-Files spoilers ahoy!)

I'll never purposely set out to watch another episode of the X-Files. My interest ended with a bullet through the forehead, a kiss between partners and a general slap in the face. Thanks Chris. I totally get it now. Not only do you not care, you'd really like it if you could piss people off, right? Cause I gotta be honest, that's what I'm getting here.

No, no. It's not -just- because my favourite character is now dead. Really. Yes, I liked Krycek, but I really liked what he symbolized for the show more than the character himself. (Stop glaring at me, Lori...*grin*) I liked the episodes he was in because you could almost always count on a decent conspiracy plot. Granted, the gratuitous torture helped a bit too, but nevermind that. So no, it's not just his death. It's his death, the fact that the Mulder/Scully dynamic is essentially caput (Cause it was all about the UST bay-bee), and the total lack of interest I have in watching Monica The Brave do Stupid Things everytime she's onscreen. The bullet in the forehead was a really nice touch, I must say, cause y'know, nothing says "Fuck fan interest, he's NOT coming back" like a nice missing -brain-. Kinda like a final "Screw you, and thanks for keeping me on the air."

I'm seemingly incoherent, aren't I? Kill off my favourite character, and I tend to lose my temper a bit.

So that's it. I'm never watching the X-Files again on purpose. An 8 year obsession is at an end. Well...a 6 year obsession, a 1 year sense of deep interest and a 6 month or so feeling of obligation, followed by 6 months of distinct ennui and the final burst of limited chutzpah over the finale. Chris Carter can find a straw and suck my ass. Ah, how I long for an ascii finger right now.

Anger is one of the stages of grief. Coming soon, I fear, may be the Avatar of Clan Denial, chanting their motto-

"We didn't see it, it didn't happen."

So long, guys. It's been an interesting trip, but I'll be cashing in the rest of my ticket.
:: Reesa 5/20/2001 11:22:57 PM [+] ::

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